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When you think about leaders whose impact is powerful well beyond their own mortality you have to consider the Apostle Paul. You don’t even have to know the Bible to know that Paul impacted the world for over two millennia and people are still talking about him today. Paul is largely responsible for the content of the New Testament and the rapid spread of Christianity in the first century. Even if you’re not a Christian, you have to admit that was and is a remarkable feat of leadership.

Lessons from Paul’s leadership transcend time and culture. They are applicable to ministry, business, education and industry. Whatever your field of expertise, you can learn from the Apostle. America’s founding fathers recognized his wisdom and quoted him more frequently than the renowned philosophers. If you are any kind of a leader, you have to wonder what Paul said and did that made people sit up and take notice for so long. Why are thousands, even millions, still following his leadership in the 21st century?

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“I  Paul have written it with mine own hand…”