The Proximity Leader

The Proximity Leader

Time and distance have a tendency to dilute effective leadership. Paul had made a huge investment in the church in Thessalonica but was forced to leave abruptly. Even as he writes this epistle, it was neither safe nor prudent for him to return. But there was another leader that he was confident enough to send in his place. Continue reading “The Proximity Leader”

The Forward Looking Leader

Effective leaders typically have a strong dose of self-confidence. They are filled with the “can do” spirit and are optimistic about the future. Occasionally, you will discover a leader who has overdosed on confidence and ventures into the land of the egotistical and arrogant. While this type of leader will gain some impressive successes, it  will often be short-lived because they are short-sighted. Paul portrays that healthy blend between confidence and humility when he writes to the Philippian church. Continue reading “The Forward Looking Leader”

The 3D Leader

Leadership takes on as many forms as there are personalities. Some are sharp and abrasive while others are more meek and mild. God has used each type of leader effectively. Sometimes we have a tendency to think everyone should have our personality to be effective. That’s not so. However, there are some abrasive leaders who do need to learn a little more compassion. Then again, there are other leaders who seem to have an extra-dose of mercy when confrontation is order. While God can use each of our personalities, all leaders must be willing to submit their personality to the will of God. Continue reading “The 3D Leader”