The Forward Looking Leader

Effective leaders typically have a strong dose of self-confidence. They are filled with the “can do” spirit and are optimistic about the future. Occasionally, you will discover a leader who has overdosed on confidence and ventures into the land of the egotistical and arrogant. While this type of leader will gain some impressive successes, it  will often be short-lived because they are short-sighted. Paul portrays that healthy blend between confidence and humility when he writes to the Philippian church. Continue reading “The Forward Looking Leader”

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The Conflicted Leader

Leadership can be a struggle. It is certainly not for the weak in heart. There are difficult decisions to be made. There are times when you have to choose between two difficult options, hence the phrase, “between a rock and a hard place.” Every leader encounters a situation where there is a choice between the easy way and the right way. Not only did Paul face this choice but he reminds us that we will too. Continue reading “The Conflicted Leader”